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Caregiver Support

You are a caregiver if you are a spouse, adult child, other relative or friend who helps, cares for or is concerned about an older adult or disabled person. Because of caregiving duties you may feel stressed, frustrated, guilty or concerned about how you are going to handle future caregiving needs.

An ADRC-CW Caregiver Support Coordinator offers professional, unbiased information about support services and options that can help you—the caregiver—and the person you are caring for. Caregiver Support Coordinators can offer office, in-home and phone consultations about community resources and options available to you. These include respite care, financial resources and care options as well as information about ways to reduce stress and take care of you.

Support Groups
These groups provide a great opportunity for caregivers and family members to share and learn from other experiencing similar frustrations and concerns. Occasionally, speakers are brought in to provide valuable information and resources. Respite care is available. To locate a support group in your area, contact a Caregiver Support Coordinator.

Wisconsin Rapids Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregiver Support Group

Wausau Alzheimer's & Dementia Support Group

Powerful Tools for Caregiver Classes
This six- week course is designed to provide caregivers with tools to increase self care and give them confidence in handling difficult situations, emotions, and decisions. Click here to learn more about this class.

Project Lifesaver of Wood County
In partnership with the Wood County Sheriffs’ department, we provide information and enrollment for adults in Wood County who are at risk of wandering due to cognitive impairment or medical condition. Please click here for more details.

Caregiver Outreach Presentations
We offer community presentations on the issues relates to caregiving to raise awareness and educate the public about available resources.

National Family Caregiver and Alzheimer Family & Caregiver Support Programs
Limited financial assistance is available annually to individuals providing care to others. Call us for more information about this program and status of the funds.

Resource Library
A variety of books, brochures and DVDs are available for the public to check out. Topics range from caregiver wellness to specific health condition related information.

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