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We are the first place to go with your aging and disability questions. Anyone can contact us, regardless of their financial status, to receive accurate, unbiased information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability.

Our staff will discuss your individual situation with you and provide you with information and assistance to meet your needs and preferences. For further assistance contact us. Assistance is available over the phone, at an ADRC-CW office, or visits to your home.



Governor Walker released his proposed 2015-2017 state budget on February 3, 2015. Many ADRC-CW customers have questions about how the proposals in the budget, if enacted, would impact them.
Several advocacy groups have been studying the impact on services for people with disabilities. Attached is a flyer announcing statewide meetings about the budget sponsored by the Wisconsin Board for People with Disabilities (WI-BPDD), Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW), and People First Wisconsin:

Other groups have been studying the proposals that may impact older adults. Attached is a link to an article on the AARP website regarding the proposal on Senior Care:
as well as an article on the AARP website regarding other proposals that may impact seniors:

We encourage all older adults and adults with disabilities to contact their legislators if they have concerns about the budget proposals and their impact.

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